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The largest decentralized lottery and gaming protocol
Win millions of USDC with your crypto
What is Wenwin?
Wenwin is a decentralized protocol that provides the infrastructure and funding for anyone to build their own games. Wenwin receives protocol fees from ticket sales.
The Wenwin 7/35 Lottery is a fun, fully decentralized Web3 lottery with no third-party getting in the way of you winning. Anyone from around the world can play twice a week for a chance to win the jackpot prize. 
Powered by WW
WW is the native token powering the Wenwin ecosystem. Hold WW and benefit from the programmatic Buyback and Burn from every Wenwin game.
Launching on Base
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Get involved
Become a frontend operator
All Wenwin games are operated by a network of frontend operators who independently run websites for users to play Wenwin games, earning a commission on all sales.
Become a game designer
Design and code new and exciting immutable games. Get them fully funded by the Wenwin Treasury. Receive a 10% revenue share in perpetuity.
Become an affiliate
Are you an influencer? Refer players to Wenwin games and receive Wenwin Points for each sale made. The more players you refer, the more Points you receive.